Shaping better dogs since 2014. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, colours and breeds, but the one thing they all have in common is how much joy they bring to our lives and how little they ask for in return. That’s where DogPlay comes in. Their mission is to help dog owners enrich their dog’s lives.

Revamping DogPlay’s online identity

Web Design, Video, Photography

When we kicked off this project with DogPlay, they already had an existing website and branding in place. The challenge? It wasn’t crystal clear which features should stay and which ones needed a fresh perspective.

We rolled up our sleeves and invested significant time into understanding the core values held dear by the owners. Our mission was to convey these values effectively to DogPlay’s potential customers.

The solution? We embarked on a complete website redesign, placing a strong emphasis on the power of visuals, with photography and video taking center stage. This allowed us to paint a vivid picture for visitors, offering a clear window into what makes DogPlay truly special.


The Pixel Planet’s combination of creativity and professionalism was exactly what we needed. They were able to take on board our ideas and steer us towards an outcome that we are proud of.

Darryl, Founder

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