FutureMinds Learning

FutureMinds Learning is home to a dynamic team of highly-trained tutors and teachers specializing in teaching skills in a step-by-step, systematic, sequential manner using their own unique method, the FutureMinds Multi-sensory Program.

Expanding horizons for an established venture

Web Design, Graphic Design

FutureMinds Learning emerged as a new chapter in an already thriving business. Our journey commenced with the creation of a logo that bridged the connection with existing parents while welcoming a fresh wave of older students.

Guided by the need for a logo that struck a balance between vibrant appeal and academic credibility, we chose bold primary colours and typefaces that exude both fun and educational vibes.

This vibrant logo set the tone for the subsequent website project. We seamlessly extended the same captivating colours and engaging typefaces to the website, aligning it with the concept of enjoyable learning, now catering to a broader spectrum of students.

little house tutoring web design
little house tutoring poster
24hrs plumbing & heating van graphics
little house tutoring poster
little house tutoring web design

Daniel has been my go-to Graphic Designer for years now. He has an incredible ability to understand the idea and make it a reality.

Tess, Founder

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